LACMA ‘Before You Now’: 
Stephanie Syjuco

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

I edited this installment of LACMA’s touring exhibit on self portraiture. My piece on acclaimed artist, Stephanie Syjuco, follows her journey from critically examining western ethnographic images of Filipinos to finding humanity in some historical portraiture.

I dove deep into the artist’s archives to build a narrative that both explores her work and her roots as as American immigrant. I pulled archival images, stock footage, and worked with a graphic designer to create the ending. 

Exhibit Details

Before You Now focuses on the enduring theme of the artist's self-portrait, as seen in a selection of works from LACMA’s collections of photographs, prints, drawings, videos, and installation art. Primarily featuring contemporary makers, the exhibition is an introduction to seeing American artists as they see themselves—or as they want to be seen by their public. They are shown contemplating their physicality in realistic fashion, highlighting their persona through symbolic tropes, or utilizing humor or conceptual methods to enlighten, exaggerate, or camouflage their reflective selves.

This exhibition was organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in collaboration with the Riverside Art Museum; California State University, Northridge, Art Galleries; Lancaster Museum of Art and History; and Vincent Price Art Museum at East Los Angeles College.

Where to Watch:

Riverside Art Museum: Apr 6–Aug 11, 2024
California State University, Northridge: Aug 31–Dec 7, 2024
Lancaster Museum of Art and History: Jan 25–Apr 13, 2025
Vincent Price Art Museum: Jul 12–Sep 20, 2025

Lauren Foster
Producer & Editor

Print journalist turned documentary TV producer and editor.

The stories that make an impact are the stories that make us feel something. We connect with what we’re watching when we relate to it.

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