Lauren Foster
Producer & Editor
Los Angeles, CA

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Lauren grew up in Los Angeles in the small hippie town of Topanga Canyon. As a kid, she was always adventuring into the state park and making movies in the backyard.

Lauren’s career began in print journalism — as a feature writer and, later, as managing editor of three award-winning Seattle-based magazines.

Lauren comes from a family of film editors. So, needless to say, they talk a lot about movies at dinner.

  • Society of Professional Journalists' top honor for public service reporting
  • First Place Feature Reporting Society of Professional Journalists
  • First Place Headline Writing Society of Professional Journalists

Adobe Premiere Pro • Avid Media Composer • Google Workspace

Documentary Producing & Editing • Sourcing Archival Footage • Logging • Media Management • Color Correction • Digital & Broadcast Exports • Subtitles/Closed Captions • Sound Design

Lauren Foster
Producer & Editor

Print journalist turned documentary TV producer and editor.

The stories that make an impact are the stories that make us feel something. We connect with what we’re watching when we relate to it.

It’s my job to do just that — make you feel something.