Donald Takayama Team Riders Series

Story Producer
I was the editor and producer of the six-part online series “DT Riders” for legendary surfboard company Donald Takayama. We interviewed each surfer on the company’s professional team for an intimate look at their relationship with surfing and their admiration for the man who built their boards.

Series Trailer

Ep. 1: Ian Gibson

Ep. 2: Liv Stokes

Ep. 3: Kaitlin Mikkelsen

Ep. 4: Kasie Perkins

Ep. 5: Noah Shimabukuro

Lauren Foster
Producer & Editor

Award-winning print journalist turned documentary TV producer and editor.

The stories that make an impact are the stories that make us feel something. We connect with what we’re watching when we relate to it.

It’s my job to do just that — make you feel something.